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Things to do in San Francisco

We often get the question: "What is a good Route in San Francisco?"

The common follow up questions is

What are you looking to do. What are you into?

Here's some cool ideas from our driving team who could do this stuff blindfolded.


Bars crawls & club hopping

A local favorite is the Tonga room A.K.A The hurricane bar.

It's unique ambiance & a live band playing on the boat in the pool. Throwing rainforest café vibes but much cooler.

Smugglers cove

Another quirky boutique bar. Great décor & atmosphere. Beware of limited seating though.

Asia SF

Offering exciting entertainment , food, drinks & all the works.


No cover fee when you ride with us

Noted as a dive bar, dance club karaoke. This place has an amazing vibe. They serve jello shots, affordable food & drinks, play an assortment of music, This is a fan favorite!

D.N.A. Lounge

Dance, clubs, music venue

Very good lighting, even has a pizza place connected to it. 2 Level venue with 4 bars . Lots of dance floors.


This is a LGBT, dance club, cocktail bar

Located in the Castro district. This place gets packed, and offers entertainment like Go-Go dancers


Food, lunch, dinner & a bite to eat

When you have the best transportation in the city, having the freedom to experience new things is a must.

Sparks social

Fun outdoor space, has a lot of picnic tables & food trucks. Grabbing a bite to eat has never been better.

Son & Garden

The best Farmhouse kitchen in the bay! Brunch/Lunch has never tasted better. There's definitely a huge photo opp.

Need help with your itinerary? We have so much bay area experience, it hurts. Let us help!

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